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Bikelinc - WAs world leading fight back against bike theft

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  • By Anthony Hart
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Bikelinc - WAs world leading fight back against bike theft

Bikelinc - maybe not quite a cure to the malaise of the stolen bike, but certainly a great help in potentially getting it back.




Anyone that's ever had their bike stolen know just how damn annoying it is! Clearly prevention is always the best 'cure', and to that end, we always strongly encourage all and sundry to invest in good security measures, the bare minimum of which should be a sturdy lock. To poorly paraphrase the ole 'slowest in the herd' don't need to be the hardest bike to steal (although it helps), but definitely not the easiest.


It's also important to think about where you leave/store your bike, be it at home, at work, at the gym, at the shops etc. Wherever possible, store it inside (either a garage or your actual abode if at home for instance). Be mindful (and careful) of shared storage facilities in apartment complexes - some of these are reasonably secure, however many are easily accessible, out of sight and a bit of a magnet for unsavoury characters to add to their inventory.


Obviously we can't control the outcome of all events and unfortunately bike theft is a fact of life. Fortunately, Crime Stoppers WA created Bikelinc, a world leader in community and police integration on 'bicycle identification'. This is an information resource which is used by the police, and can be used by anyone in the community, to check up if a bike is lost or stolen.


To anyone who hasn't done so already, we strongly recommend you create a profile and register any and all bikes in your stable. It has been proven to increase the likelihood of getting your steed back exponentially in the very unfortunate and exceptionally frustrating scenario of having it being stolen. It also eases the burden of claiming on insurance for those that have coverage When purchasing a new bike, one of the first things we recommend customers do is to register there shiny new steed on Bikelinc. 


And it's not just for owners of shiny new machines. If you're looking to purchase a second hand steed, we strongly recommend you check on Bikelinc to see if it's registered as stolen. Having the boys in blue come along and reclaim your recently purchased two wheeler because you unwittingly purchased stolen property tends to leave a wee dent in the hip pocket. Not too much the guilty feeling of supporting anti social and criminal behaviour...


We have heard from many appreciative members of the community how Bikelinc has got them their pride and joy back, which always brings a smile to our face. We commend Crime Stoppers WA and the WA Police in introducing this world leading initiative. The more of us that use it, the better the overall service will be!







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